Vigilant Herbicide Gel 

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A uniquely formulated gel herbicide for the control of unwanted woody plant species.


Vigilantis ideally suited for use in environmentally sensitive and difficult to access areas.  It is easily transported and is safe to the user when applied according to label directions.


Vigilantis a low toxicity herbicide gel which provides a simple non-spray alternative for selectively controlling invasive weeds.


Vigilantis applied directly to freshly cut/crushed stems or trunks of weed plants and is suitable for use in sensitive areas including native bush, conservation areas, farms, lifestyle blocks, gullies, parks and reserves.


Pack Size:

240 ML, 5 LT 


43g/kg Picloram as the potassium salt



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A non-volatile, easy to handle, measure and mix, water soluble product...

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SHARK Aquatic Herbicide

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