Generex Chlorsulfuron

Generex Chlorsulfuron

For control of Annual (Wimmera) Ryegrass and certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereal crops.

Weeds this product treats

African turnip weed Amsinckia,yellow burrweed or burr grass Annual or wimmera ryegrass Annual phalaris Ball mustard Barley grass Bifora, carrot weed or bird's eye Black bindweed Brome grass Cape tulip Capeweed Chamomile or matricaria Charlock Common iceplant Corn gromwell, ironweed or sheepweed Deadnettle Denseflower fumitory (red) Dock Erodium, crowfoot or storksbill Fat hen Fumitory Hoary cress or whiteweed Indian hedge mustard Lincoln weed, sand rocket or mustard Loosestrife Melilotus or hexham scent Mintweed Mouse-ear chickweed Mustard New zealand spinach Onion or guildford grass Paradoxa grass Paterson's curse Pimpernels Prickly lettuce Rough poppy Saffron thistle Saltbush Shepherd's purse Silvergrass - aristida contorta Slender celery Slender, shore or sheep thistle Soursob or oxalis Spear or black thistle Stagger weed Stemless thistle Three cornered jack or doublegee Tree hogweed Turnip weed Wild radish or radish weed Wild turnip Wireweed, knotweed or hogweed

Active ingredients

Chlorsulfuron - 750g/L

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