Generex Glymate 300

Generex Glymate 300

For the control of emerged broadleaf weeds prior to sowing crops and pastures in conservation tillage situations and for selective wed control.

Weeds this product treats

Amaranth or amaranthus Amsinckia,yellow burrweed or burr grass Annual thistle Apple-of-peru Artichoke thistle Australian bindweed - seedling Ball mustard Bathurst burr Bellvine - seedling Billygoat weed or blue top Bindweed Bindy-eye Bitou bush or boneseed Blackberry nightshade Bladder ketmia Blue snakeweed Boxthorn Broadleaf weeds - except noogoora burr Burr medic Californian burr Californian thistle Caltrop or yellow vine Caltrop or yellow vine - seedling Camel or afghan melon Canola - brassica napus Cape tulip Capeweed Cat's ear or flatweed Charlock Chinese mint Clockweed Clover Common iceplant Common vetch or tares Convolvulus vines Cowvine Desiccate broadleaf weeds Dock Dock - seedling Doveweed Erodium (storksbill) - seedling Erodium, crowfoot or storksbill Fat hen Fleabane Fumitory - red Fumitory - white Galvanised burr Geranium Grasses - except mossman burr Ground or annual ground cherry Groundsel Hawthorn Hemlock Hoary cress or whiteweed Horehound Horehound - seedling Indian hedge mustard Ipomoea vines Ivy leaf speedwell Jute Khaki weed Knobweed Kyllinga weed Lantana - lantana camara Leucas Lincoln weed - seedling Lincoln weed, sand rocket or mustard London rocket Lupins Marshmallow - seedling Medic Melilotus or hexham scent Melon Mexican poppy Mintweed Mother-of-millions Mustard Native rosella Needle burr New zealand spinach New zealand spinach - seedling Noogoora burr Paddy melon Parthenium weed Paterson's curse Perennial pigweed Pigweed spp. Potato or yellow weed Prickly lettuce Radish Raspweed - seedling Redhead or milky cotton bush Rough poppy Rubber vine Safflower Saffron thistle Sheep, shore or winged slender thistle Shepherd's purse Skeleton weed Skeleton weed - suppression Slender, shore or sheep thistle Soft roly poly Soldier thistle Sorrel Sorrel - seedling Sow or milk thistle Spear or black thistle Speedwell Spiny emex Star thistle Starburr Stinkwort Subterranean clover Sunflower - seedling Thistle Thornapple Three cornered jack or doublegee Turnip Turnip weed Variegated thistle Volunteer lupin Volunteer pea Volunteer safflower Volunteer sunflower Volunteer vetch or tares Ward's weed Water primrose Weir vine White clover Wild cabbage Wild poppy Wild radish or radish weed Wild turnip Wireweed or knotweed - seedling Wireweed, knotweed or hogweed

Active ingredients

2,4-D (present as the isopropylamine salt) - 300g/L

Pack sizes

20L 1000L