Macspred Eucmix® GR

Macspred Eucmix<sup>®</sup> GR

Macspred Eucmix® GR

Granular Herbicide
For the control of certain annual and perennial weeds in E.Globulus, E.Regnans & E.Nitens plantations.
Macspred Eucmix GR is a granular herbicide that does not need to be mixed in water. Eucmix GR Granular Herbicide is a selective residual herbicide registered for use in Eucalyptus globulus, E. Nitens and E. Regnans plantations to control a range of herbaceous weeds in one year old trees. Eucmix GR weed control has demonstrated proven tree growth response, up to 4 times greater compared to untreated trees, when applied after planting.

Weeds this product treats

Annual or wimmera ryegrass Capeweed White clover Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Terbacil - 44g/kg
Sulfometuron Methyl - 2g/kg

Pack sizes