Macspred Eucmix® Pre Plant

Macspred Eucmix<sup>®</sup> Pre Plant

Macspred Eucmix® Pre Plant

Water Dispersible Herbicide
For PrePlant weed control in Eucalypt plantation areas. In premeasured water soluble packs.
Macspred Eucmix PrePlant is for application prior to the transplanting of healthy Eucalypt seedlings. Best results are obtained if Eucmix PrePlant product is applied to bare ground or to weeds no larger than the 3 leaf stage. When weeds are more advanced than the 3 leaf stage, apply this product with Macspred Glymac Dri 700 herbicide at its recommended label rate.

Weeds this product treats

Annual or wimmera ryegrass Capeweed Geranium Sow or milk thistle White clover Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Terbacil - 880g/kg
Sulfometuron Methyl - 40g/kg

Pack sizes