Macspred Oryzalin

Macspred Oryzalin

Macspred Oryzalin

For pre-emergent control of certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in non-bearing and bearing fruit and nut orchards, vineyards, nursery stock, ornamentals, amenity plantings, established and newly planted turf and industrial areas and rights of way.

Weeds this product treats

Annual ryegrass Barnyard grass Blackberry nightshade Caltrop Chickweed Crab grass Deadnettle Fat hen Fumitory Guinea grass Hogweed Knotweed Lovegrass Paddy melon Paradoxa grass Pigeon grass Pigweed spp. Silverleaf nightshade Sow or milk thistle Spiny burrgrass Summer grass Water grass Winter grass Wireweed Yellow vine Innocent Weed

Active ingredients

Oryzalin - 500g/L

Pack sizes